Working With Assets

Use Code editor to edit HTML-code as usual. Use Preview tab to preview your lander. Read below on how to use lander assets (images, scripts, and stylesheets).

To upload assets, click the Load assets button (below the Code editor). You can upload multiple assets at a time. Currently, you can’t upload or create assets directories. When uploaded, assets will appear in the table below the button. Use the X button to remove the unneeded asset.

To insert a file in the page, attach “assets/” to its name.


In the code you may also use all the placeholders, available for self-hosted landers. Note that the placeholders are not replaced with values in Preview mode.


To use variables, passed from campaigns, use {lander.param:NAME} placeholder (replace NAME with required variable name).

Note: Placeholders are working only in the main .html file. It will not work in the .js scripts. If you need computed placeholders (like autogenerated offer URL or the name of the visitor's country) you should place such scripts in the main .html file (not separate .js script file)