Domain Setup

Each Zeustrak team has its own domains. Shared domains often get blacklisted in browsers, antiviruses and ad networks after some affiliates run uncompliant campaigns and malware traffic. In Zeustrak you own your domains. Thanks to this, your campaigns are protected from domain reputation issues.

  1. Register a new domain with domain name registrar of your choice like Namecheap or GoDaddy.
  2. After you've bought a domain you need to make some additional setup know as adding A-record.
    If you are not familiar with DNS and A-Records, please read this article to understand how DNS works and this article to know how to add A-record
  3. Add your domain to a server in Zeustrak. Go to Websites > Domains and press New domain button.

  4. Choose the server you've added earlier and enter domain name with the following format:
    Read this article to know how to set up a server.
  5. Press Create button.
  6. The page will be reloaded. After that, you will be prompted to update the domain settings.
    Select your preferred domain type. With Tracking + Clone website or Tracking + Wordpress types, you will have a fancy no-redirect safe page for your campaigns (more details are here). Otherwise use a simple Tracking option. Traffic filters are available for all modes.
    The domain has statuses:
    Inactive - the domain is not ready to use;
    Offline - the domain is set up but not available;
    Ok - the domain is set up and ready to use.

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