Tracking Parameters

When setting up your affiliate networks you might see a bunch of tracking parameters. You can predefine these parameters and this "tail" will be appended to the offer link, so you could see values of these parameters inside your affiliate network statistics. 

Here's the list of these parameters with explanation of each.

The unique identifier of a click on a tracking link.
The id which Zeustrak received from the Traffic Source. This id can be stored and sent further.
The unique identifier of a campaign where a visit occurred.
The required parameter. Contains tracking info from lander to offer.


The unique identifier of a landing page, where a visit occurred.



Values are: Desktop, Phone, Tablet, Other, NotDetected
E.g. Apple
E.g. iPhone X
E.g. Safari
E.g. 11.1.2
E.g. macOS High Sierra
E.g. 10.13.6
Country code in two-symbol ISO format, i.e., US
Country name. E.g. United States
City of a visitor. E.g. Los Angeles

Internet service provider of a visitor. E.g. AT&T

The type of connection your users are connected with your websites. E.g. Cable/DSL, Corporate, Cellular, Dialup, Other.
Identifier of the web browser and operating system to the web server.
IP-address of a visitor
Operating system language of a visitor.
{}This parameter is used when you need to pass the offer name to the affiliate network. You can set the value of the parameter in the offer settings inside the Display offer name field
{var1}, {var2}, {var3} ... {var20}
Predefined parameters with custom value. E.g.
Using this parameter you can name your variable as you want.
This parameter is used only in offer links to send additional data from a lander to an aff network. E.g. let’s suppose you have landing parameter fbpixel. So you have a link from lander to offer http://{trackingdomain}/click/?origin={origin}&fbpixel={lander.param:fbpixel}. So in the offer settings you should have a link{click.var:fbpixel}. This way Facebook pixel id will be sent to the aff network in sub2 parameter to track conversions.
The domain of a tracking link.
The domain of a page from which you have a visit.