Adding A-Record

Before you start using your own domains you should set up their A-records to the corresponding IP-addresses of virtual servers you've created on Digital Ocean. Without this set up you won't be able to use your domains.

This basic step by step guide can be applied for almost all domain register sites. Do the following:

  1. Enter the control panel of the service where you’ve bought your domains
  2. Find desired domain and find DNS parameters setting or something similar
  3. If you find preset A-records you should delete it
  4. Press add new record button
  5. Select A-record for the record type
  6. Type IP-address in the IP field. You can find the list of IPs of your servers under menu tab Website -> Servers.
  7. Type @ symbol in the Host field
  8. Then press Save button

You need to wait up to 4 hours (usually much less) for DNS being updated.

Here’s the example on how to do this in