The Safe Page Setup

The safe page is a web page that will be shown to the bots and other unwanted traffic. You determine what traffic is unwanted by means of campaign filter settings. Zeustrak offers two options to create the safe page: clone an existing website and have a fully working copy or create a new Wordpress site (with tracking and filters build-in) and manually fill it with relevant content.

A money page is a URL address located on a safe page that is connected to a tracking domain. This way you get the money page URL (you will see it in the campaign editor). After that, you grab this URL and place it on your traffic source (e.g. Facebook ad). Depending on the traffic you get (bots or real users) this page will be a safe page or a lander.

Note: To create a safe page, you should have a domain. Read here to know how to add a domain in Zeustrak.

Start setting up a safe page with the following steps:

  1. Press the New Domain button;
  2. Choose a server;
  3. Type your tracking domain in the Domain field. The page will be reloaded for the next step;

Clone an existing website

  1. Select the Domain type option to Tracking + Clone existing site or webpage;
  2. Look on the Internet the website you want to clone
    Tip: you can search in Google like this financial blog
  3. Add the domain of the website you liked to clone to the Source website field;
  4. Then fill the Money page field. If you want to make all source website pages to act as the money pages fill Money page field with "/" (slash) character.
  5. Press the Update & Close button.

Create a new Wordpress site

  1. Select the Domain type option to Tracking +Wordpress installation;
  2. Choose the password for WP admin panel of the website;
  3. Fill the Money page field.

  4. Press the Update & Close button;
  5. Before the page reloaded you'd see a confirmation window with login and password from your WP admin panel.

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