A server-to-server postback URL is used to send conversions from Zeustrak to the traffic source. The traffic source might use this information to optimize the traffic you buy.

This is how the postback works.

To implement postback from the traffic source do the following:

  1. Check your traffic source documentation for the support of third-party server-to-server tracking methods.
  2. Edit your traffic source or create a new one with Traffic Source menu section.
  3. Next, go to the Advanced section and fill in the necessary parameters. The most common parameter a traffic source sends you is a click ID - a unique random string used to identify and record clicks. Zeustrak uses an externalId parameter to store this value. You can also define a custom name for this parameter. The placeholder value varies for each traffic source, so make sure to check the traffic source documentation and get a valid placeholder to send click ID.

  4. Copy the postback URL provided by your traffic source and paste it into the corresponding field in Zeustrak.
  5. Append the {visit.externalId} token to the parameter used to pass back click ID data. Now when the conversion happens, Zeustrak will notify your traffic source of exact user who has converted;

  6. If you need to pass more data with the postback URL, there are more tokens available for this. For example, you want to pass the offer payout to your traffic source, learn what parameter is required to pass payout data and append a {payout} token to it.