Adding Multiple Offers on a Single Landing Page

The process of adding multiple offers on a single landing page could be applied both to External Hosting or Zeustrak cloud landers.

  1. Create a lander (Landers > Landers List > New Lander);
  2. Set offers count to any number of offers you need on your page;
    Note: You cannot change this number after lander is created.
  3. Implement offer numbers in links for corresponding offers:
    http://{trackingdomain}/click/1?origin={origin} for Offer #1,
    http://{trackingdomain}/click/2?origin={origin} for Offer #2
  4. Add a new path to campaign or flow;
  5. Add a lander to the path;
    Note: right after the lander name you will see a number in square brackets. It is representing the number of offers you should choose for this lander.
  6. Add offers you want to see on the landing page;
    The offers will be listed as #1, #2 etc. These numbers need to correspond with the numbers in your landing page links;
  7. Press the Create & Close button.