Zeustrak approach to set up a domain and problem solving

Domain setup principles of Zeustrak

With most trackers, they advise hiding your domain via proxy services (Cloudflare for example) during the moderation period to avoid getting banned. In fact, easily some of you have used this trick before.

In contrast, Zeustrak is able to simply filter bots and unwanted visits directly in the system and send them to a safe page. If a ban to a domain or IP address does occur, you’re able to just switch up the domain and create a fresh new server in a few minutes.

Why do we do it like that?

Well, ironically, from experience based on feedback from our customers it would seem that the practice of hiding a domain behind a proxy is impractical because it greatly increases the likelihood of getting a ban rather than reducing it.

Therefore, we refuse to support the proxy approach (and in particular Cloudflare). We've found it to be much faster and easier in Zeustrak to just create a new domain + server set up. This gives you very minimal downtime which translates into less waste and missed profits.

The only correct way to set up a tracking domain

In order to set up a domain to work properly, it must be properly configured. From the documentation, you already know that when buying a domain for tracking, you’ll need to specify in the A records the IP address of the cloud server (Amazon Web Services or Digital Ocean).

When buying and setting up a domain, follow the simple checklist:

  • A domain should have only one record in principle;
  • This should be an A record with the IP address of the server;
  • The @ character must be entered in the Host field;
  • If your domain name registrar automatically creates additional entries for you (as Namecheap does) - delete them!

Remember that DNS records need to be updated, it can possibly take from 15 minutes to 24 hours, usually it's done updating with an hour. Refer to the documentation in order to better understand what DNS and A records are.

The most common problem with a domain ever and how to solve it

Sometimes you can experience a problem with a newly created domain when it’s offline or unreachable. Although we understand your passion to start tracking ASAP, we do encourage you to carefully check that your domain and server is set up correctly and is reachable.

One of the most common problems you’ll encounter is when a domain isn’t working is that the IP address of the server to where the A record of the domain is pointing to is banned by the entire country or locally by the local ISPs.

Here’s how you can check it.

  • Go to any free website availability test service like Host Tracker;
  • Paste your domain name and/or server IP address;
  • Choose geo that is relevant to the campaign's geo and click the "check" button.

You’ll see a list of providers that restrict access to your server and a bunch of other helpful info. If you see that most of the providers have blocked your domain/server in the target country, you might need to switch to another server to get a new IP address. However, with Zeustrak it's just a matter of a couple of clicks and you’re done.

To be sure your domain is working you need to strictly follow the technical documentation and make sure the server IP address is not banned.

Wish you luck with your campaigns, keep on tracking!