JS Filtering Integration On the Third-Party Websites

JS filtering integration on third-party websites is the latest update in filtering options. Using a remote filtering setup lets you create safe pages on a trusted domain. If the visitor passes the filter templates or your custom rules then your lander will appear on your remote website.

It is required to select the Tracking option for the Domain type from the domain settings.

  1. Create a new campaign and add the required settings in the General tab as usual. For the Tracking domain select the domain you've earlier created with the Tracking type or the one that already has this type. Your screen will look like this after selecting the domain with the right type:
  2. Copy the Integration code for the website setup that suits your "remote" website. Paste this code to your "remote" page. Usually, there is an option to place it under the <head> tag.
    There are two options:
    Super secure integration
    Debug integration
  3. Now you can copy and paste your external page URL address and paste it to your ad in your traffic source considering this is a tracking link. Your external safe page would be loaded if there's an unwanted visit or if there's a visit you want it Will get your external page for a very short timeframe before getting your actual landing page.

    Zeustrak hint:

    Filtering settings are applied as usual and landing page setup doesn't require any changes.