A/B тестирование лендеров

It is always good to determine which lander works best to gain more revenue. You should test at least 2-3 different versions of a lander to find out which page has higher CTR (click-through rate) and conversion rates. This process is called A/B testing or split-testing. It's extremely easy to setup A/B test of your landers and after the test analyze the results with Zeustrak.

 A/B testing of the landers:

  1. Create a Path, which contains two or more Landers with the same Offers in each lander; 
  2. Landers will be rotated between visits according to their Weights;
    Note:The more weight a lander has, the more traffic it gets;
    The more weight a lander has, the more traffic it gets. On the right of the weight field you can see, what percent of users will see this lander.

  3. Then you manually choose the winner depending on the stats.
    To determine the winner (the lander which is converting best) go to Landings reports of a campaign and compare statistics.